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“What if There Was A Way To Have It All..”

We help Men who want to master their health, performance and aesthetics so they can become Part of the one percent.

This isn’t just a “before and after” transformation challenge..

Or another fitness programme.

This is Total Health Mastery and Peak Performance

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Throughout my life, I’ve been obsessed with ultimate human performance..

By both living it and also learning it.

I’ve competed on the highest stages for my country in basketball..

I’ve been crowned a natural bodybuilding champion (Mr Ireland)

But that wasn’t enough.

I wanted to understand the science behind the top 1% of health and performance..

The habits, routines and systems that create leaders..

Which is why over the past 12 years I’ve committed to mastering my craft through academia studying an MSc in Performance Nutrition..

And now a Ph.D. in human performance, specifically exploring the cutting edge of psychology and mental performance.

I’ve always been committed to self-mastery and exploring my potential..

So I could pave the path for others and take what it’s seemingly “complex” and turn it into a proven simple system and framework..

So you can fire on all cylinders both physically and mentally..

Achieve better results with less effort and energy.. 

And achieve complete performance not just in one area of your life..But across the board.

Our Client Biggest Challenges when they come to Health Mastery:

  • They’ve chased a before and after but ended up feeling drained and demotivated
  • They know they’re capable of so much more and they’re trying to balance all areas of their life
  • They’ve been told just to be more disciplined and they don’t want it badly enough
  • For too long they’ve prioritised other areas of their life at the expense of their own health and performance
  • In their own mind, their lack of “success” has greatly impacted how they think, feel and perform which has led to self-doubt
  • They’ve spent hundreds, if not thousands on programs, devices and supplements only to have made little to no progress
  • They’re confused and don’t know who and what to believe online, everything seems to be contradicting….

Here's Why We're Different

We combine the cutting edge of health and performance science with practical application so that you can implement the latest research without stressing over the details

We remove the fluff and transform what seems complex into an easily applied system that’s reverse-engineered around your life…

We use clinically validated tests to not only understand how you physically perform but to get a deeper understanding of the way you think

We take a 360 approach that never compromises your total well-being for the sake of weight loss or a nice “after” photo

We create a specific roadmap to get you in the top 1% (99th percentile) of aerobic fitness and physical strength for your age with benchmarks and targets

We optimise the 3 most crucial markers for long-term health that will have your doctor asking you for advice

We help you build self-efficacy so that you don’t need to stay accountable to anyone other than yourself

We coach the people, not the process

We help you reach Peak Health & Performance like never before.

This isn't just a fitness plan.

The top 1% performer…

The strongest, healthiest and fittest you’ve ever been in your life so you can feel “ready for anything”

The guy who doesn’t just look great with his top off for a holiday, but looks and feels great all year round.

The guy who’s calm, clear, confident and can perform under pressure..

A leader, role model and somebody that’s sharp not just physically, but mentally.

The guy who will be able to kick the ball and keep up with his GREAT grandkids

The guy who’s not only the strongest but the fastest in his peer group too

And finally, unlock a new level of mastery, then look no further.
  • Identify the way you think
  • Build up your intrinsic motives & long term goals
  • Get your baseline numbers
  • Identify obstacles
  • Build your emotional regulation and resilience skills
  • Develop a self-compassionate mindset
  • Execute your comprehensive, tailored plan
  • Build self-accountability
  • Establish Long-term habits
  • Execute exit strategy

Who This Program is For?

You Want to Cut through the Noise

Help enterprises strengthen their business strategy, be it expanding their brand, recognizing new opportunities, increasing profit margins, or competing in new markets

Growth Orientated

Help enterprises strengthen their business strategy, be it expanding their brand, recognizing new opportunities, increasing profit margins, or competing in new markets

Struggle with Perfectionism & Self Criticism

Help enterprises strengthen their business strategy, be it expanding their brand, recognizing new opportunities, increasing profit margins, or competing in new markets

Willing to try a New Approach

Help enterprises strengthen their business strategy, be it expanding their brand, recognizing new opportunities, increasing profit margins, or competing in new markets

Who This is NOT For?

You want a Quick Fix

Help enterprises strengthen their business strategy, be it expanding their brand, recognizing new opportunities, increasing profit margins, or competing in new markets

You only care about fat loss

If you're here just for a before and after photo this is not for you. Although body composition changes are a part of the program, optimal physical and mental health and performance go far beyond a photo.

You cannot commit time

Significant change requires effort and time. Although the program is tailored to the clients lifestyle there is a minimum level of weekly commitment required.  

You're not willing to preserve

Help enterprises strengthen their business strategy, be it expanding their brand, recognizing new opportunities, increasing profit margins, or competing in new markets


How We Will Achieve.

Get an honesty reality check
Months 0.5-1

An integral part of your success will be understanding what's important to you and what mental barriers hold you back. This is achieved by engaging various clinically validated tests and exercises as part of the onboarding.

All the information you'll ever need is freely available on the internet, that's not the answer. Building intrinsic motivation, and working on your ability to execute is.

At this point we'll get a clear understanding on your baseline numbers that actually matter for health, performance and fitness.

You'll be benchmarked against different levels in the population, so you know where you truly stand.

Build the plane as you fly
Months 1-6

Over time we work to optimise your training, fitness and mindset through a combination of science backed interventions.

You will achieve this through a series weekly tasks and reflections with additional 1:1 bi-weekly coaching calls with your coach so that you can work through mental roadblocks.

We'll routinely assess your numbers to make sure that you're progressing.

Create the toolbox for long term success
Months 6+

Alongside your coach, you will develop long-term habits and behaviours that will allow you to live up to your potential.

This will allow you to be self-accountable so that being consistent is never a challenge again.

Having a long term coach is not an effective strategy for change. We'll make sure this is the last coaching program you ever need.

Here's What Our Clients have to say

"After I spent considerable amount of time, trying to get lean and build muscle by myself, I was stuck in a cycle of cutting and gaining fat. I wanted help from expert who could guide me to reach my goals and also to learn from. I found Adam from instagram and I liked how he approached the fitness and lifestyle, backed by research and science.

In the past I would cut body fat down but I'd bounced back almost immediately. I chose to work with Adam because his advice was practical, exactly what I needed.

Through working together, I learned how basic lifestyle choices could support my goal, and I became less black and white about food choices. Not only did I achieve a positive physical change in my health but I improved my overall altertness and was able to better mentally deal with the ups and downs of my fitness journey."

Vignes, DIgital Marketing, Dubai

"I started working with Adam back in 2017. Martin Heede (professional athlete) was an inspiration for me and as you were his coach, I naturally decided to work with you. I have never regretted working with him ever since.

I overcomplicated simple things and did not exactly know how to set up a good training or nutrition plan. Also as I felt insecure about whether I was doing the right thing, I would be more prone to changing what I did for a new method rapidly. Adam gave me more confidence in what I do

Working with Adam gave me a structured way to approach things. I developed my training knowledge, but I also developed mentally (stronger mindset) and emotionally. Adam's added value lies not only in the training plan/nutrition plan but also in how he helped me develop as an individual.

I gained more muscle mass, more confidence, a quieter mind and more knowledge overall"

Alexandre, Finance, Switzerland

"I had been mulling over getting a coach for quite some time and was trying to decide who would be the best fit. I chose Adam as I could tell from his content that you were a level-headed, unbiased coach who presented scientific evidence rather than opinions.

Working with Adam gave me one less thing to worry about, it also gave me an opportunity to learn. I tried to do it by myself in the past but just got lost in the noise. Physically, my physique is the best it's looked. I also think working with Adam encouraged me to become a coach myself.

I had never worked with a coach before Adam - I'm really glad I took the plunge!"

Darren, Health Coach, Australia

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Amy’s qualitative research was instrumental in helping us better understand how our customers evolved during the recent pandemic and the underlying reasons for new behaviors around health & wellness and shopping patterns.  Amy helped us uncover key insights into our customers’ needs and preferences so that we could make strategic adjustments to our offering, marketing and communication strategy, and channel choices


"Old Keys Don't Unlock New Doors"

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